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The thought of North Karnataka being a laggard in the field of Software Industry, though it supplies maximum human resource to the Industry and the virtue of which you see more than 30% of Bangalore techies from North Karnataka is terrifying and discriminatory. But this has been much like a brain drain that India is worried about. Similar is the woe of North Karnataka. This worry ignited the minds of an individual and 6i solutions is a reality. Established in 2011, 6iSolutions as the name denotes is founded with a noble mission to promote software development, dynamic website designing, Presentation, Data Entry, Data mining and to provide technological solutions in the allied disciplines. There is nothing more important than our customers and no objective more paramount than the very best. Our ability to consistently deliver leading-edge solutions and the highest client satisfaction in the IT sector and Non IT sector. The company has grown to reach heights in this region.

We Are A Karnataka Based Company

The pioneering work of this company has been in the field of data analysis. The processed output is a desire of all and we provide what is desired. The company has successfully mastered techniques of Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Data Cleaning, Data Collection, Data Digitization, Data Modification, Big Data Analysis and various other Data Analysis Processes. The testimony to this can be seen through the growing list of clientele that we dealt with. The company is also into innovation, research and development of applications that simplify procedures and build a favorable Government-Citizen relationship. The feathery stroke came up in the form of an application that was developed for the District Administration, Bijapur during Gram Panchayat Elections-2015, which was appreciated all over the state.











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